Praise for A Floating Life

Praise for A Floating Life

“Throughout this fantastical saga of privation, like Odysseus’s voyage without a homecoming, like Dante’s tour without a guide or a Beatrice, Crawford’s narrator recounts his amazing adventures in a mesmerizing diction of long-suffering cool.
“His losses are nearly total: spouse, child, occupation, property, potency, clothes (repeatedly), safety, and friends. In the end, in his memory and ours, we are left an account of magical encounters with imaginary creatures: a litigious dachshund, a terrifyingly helpful bear, a man called Pecheur who doesn’t fish (men or fish). They cannot save him—often, indeed, they imperil him—but they can enchant our world. They did mine.”

—Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr., author of Old Money

“A haunting, unusual, sui generis, and wonderfully sustained novel that also manages to be hilarious. I loved it.”

—Nick Lyons, author of Spring Creek

“Equal parts science fiction, magic realism, and hard-boiled detective story, A Floating Life is a dizzying journey through a fragmented landscape of ideas deftly rendered into a seamless, spellbinding narrative.
“In the lineage of Borges, Castaneda, and Philip K. Dick, this work is a series of complex philosophical investigations into ideas of history, religion, perception, technology, sexuality, and identity.
“Juggling the humorous, absurd, and stunningly profound, Crawford pulls off a nearly impossible feat: penning a page-turner that isn’t afraid to show its smarts.”

—Kenneth Goldsmith, author of Uncreative Writing

“By turns charming and ominous, whimsical and philosophical, A Floating Life is a multi-layered, shape-shifting miracle of a first novel.”

—Melvin Jules Bukiet, author of Strange Fire

“Tad Crawford’s recounting of the life of Everyman alone surges through inner and outer realities in a tsunami of words and rich and unforgettable imagery, inevitably bringing  readers squarely face-to-face with ourselves, our dreams, and our destinations.”

—Joseph Heywood, author of Force of Blood